Samir and Nermin Succeed in Life and Study

Samir and Nermin Succeed in Life and Study


Dr. Sameer bin Abdulaziz and Dr. Nermin Mohammed are a model of successful married life. They were sent by Hadhramaut Foundation to study the pharmacist's program in the United States of America and they achieved a highly acclaimed excellence.


They are the first foreign students to be admitted to the University of East Tennessee State University - Bill Gatton Callege of Pharmacy.


They were admitted to the second year immediately and the first year was dropped after the personal interview was conducted with them by the college administration.


Dr. Nermin received the Merk Award for Pharmacy Excellence, which is awarded to the best student of the class based on his or her scientific performance and the conditions associated with the study.


Dr. Sameer had a seat to study the Pharmacy Residency Program at Holston Valley Medical Center-Kingsport, TN as the first Yemeni and Arabic student to take a seat after intense competition for only two seats.


Hadhramaut Foundation is proud of this life compatibility between Dr. Sameer and Dr. Nermin, who were sent by the Foundation and wrote one of the most successful stories in married life, which reflected positively on their scientific performance. This is what we have shown above to inspire many students who are studying at the most prestigious universities in the world.