Awaid and Alscoty discuss their graduation project in the field of visual design

Awaid and Alscoty discuss their graduation project in the field of visual design

Salem Awaid and Asem Alscoty discussed their graduation projects from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Yarmouk University.


Awaid's graduation project included Shibam's typeface in English.


Mr. Awaid pointed out during the discussion that he chose Shibam for its inspirational position, which provides us with strength and simplicity in his opinion, adding that its buildings, which were named the tallest skyscrapers built of mud and are still so high now deserve to have a unique visual identity that distinguishes them.


While Mr. Asem Alscoty focused in his project on designing a visual identity and advertising campaign for the Palace of Sultan Al-Qaiti in Mukalla.


He said that in his graduation project he focused on the Hadhrami heritage through his advertising campaign and the integrated visual identity of the most important historical monuments in Hadhramaut.


The panelists praised the level of professionalism and precise performance in designing visual identities for students Salem and Asem.


The two students, Salem and Asem, are scholarship students of the Foundation to study the bachelor's degree in graphic design at Yarmouk University in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


On this occasion, the Foundation, on behalf of its Chairman, Eng. Abdullah Ahmad Bugshan and Chief executive officer, Dr. Saleh Awad Aram, congratulates the students and recommends them to exert more efforts to raise the level of visual design at both Hadhramaut and the country levels.